MSN suggests TERRA® Sweet Potato Chips to fulfill your potato chip flavor cravings

Excerpt from article: These chips give you the satisfying crunch of regular potato chips with an extra hint of sweetness. And if you have any lingering guilt about chowing down on some chips (it’s OK to indulge!), you can feel good knowing that each serving has 50% of your daily recommended amount of vitamin A.

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See life through sweet potato colored glasses.

Greatist lists TERRA® in roundup of the best chips and crackers for healthy snacking

Excerpt from article: Dig your hand into this bag and pull out crisp, thinly sliced sweet potato, parsnip, taro, yuca, and batata (Cuban sweet potato) for an awesome combination of flavors. And the only other ingredients in this colorful mix are oil and salt.

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TERRA® included in FitDay’s roundup of Best Healthy Snacks to Buy at Whole Foods

Excerpt from article: Have a craving for something salty? Terra chips are made from a mix of root vegetables, like yucca, taro, and sweet potato. These veggie chips provide a bit of sweetness along with the salt, with 150 calories per serving. The original flavor ingredient list is short and sweet: vegetables, oil, and salt.

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Buzzfeed features TERRA® Avocado Oil chips as a must try snack of 2018

Excerpt from the article: Enjoy the sweetness of the sweet potato combined with the rich, buttery taste of the avocado to take your snacking experience to the next level with the latest TERRA Chips.

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Cleaning Eating Magazine names TERRA® Sweet Plantains a winner in the 2018 Clean Choice Awards

Excerpt from article: If you are craving a perfectly crispy snack with the right amount of sweetness, then look no further. Made with nutrient dense coconut oil, these chips are packed with rich flavor and just two ingredients.

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Eat. Lose. Gain. recommends TERRA® Taro Chips as a better alternative to satisfy potato chip cravings

Excerpt from article: Have you tried taro? While it isn’t so commonly used in the U.S., it’s very popular in other countries. And part of what makes it so popular is it’s naturally sweet, slightly nutty flavor.

Taro is significantly lower on the glycemic index than potato. Again, that means it’s better for your blood sugar levels. And imbalanced blood sugar over time can lead to serious imbalances like diabetes and weight gain.

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Bon appétit predicts TERRA® in the stars this month

Excerpt from article: Give yourself plenty of space this month, both in your schedule and in your physical radius. You need freedom to sprawl out, but lately you’ve also been trying to figure out how to live a more balanced and healthy life. That is, going with what feels best to you in all aspects of life. Tired, you contemplate “do I feel like grocery shopping on Friday night?” Deciding that it’s not the healthiest thing for your spirit, you duck into the corner store and settle on a big bag of Terra chips. Because they’re vegetables, right? Beets, sweet potato, potato…seems balanced enough. Like you, these chips are smart, colorful, and always on the shelf in times of need so that you can keep your flow no matter what life throws at you.

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snack in TERRAcolor

One Green Planet names TERRA® one of the Tastiest, Vegan, Gluten-Free Snacks on the Market!

Excerpt from the article: Terra Chips are full of vegetables like sweet potato, yuca, and parsnips, and all of their ingredients are non-GMO certified. These gluten-free, cholesterol-free snacks are the perfect treat if you want something salty. One Amazon reviewer said, “You can’t get much better than this when you are changing the way you eat and still crave the crunchy salty snack like potato chips. I would recommend them to anyone.

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TERRA® Plantains featured in Prevention Magazine’s 2018 Healthy Packaged Food Awards

Excerpt from the article: You’re looking for packaged foods that are healthy and taste great. We want to help you find them. So we inspected the labels of hundreds of foods available in grocery store and online to determine whether they fit our nutritionist-approved criteria.

TERRA Plantain Chips, Sea Salt – They’re savory and slightly sweet, with less saturated fat and more fiber than many traditional chips.

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Popsugar: The Healthiest – and Yummiest – Snacks to Pack for Your Next Road Trip

Excerpt from the article: Potato chips get an upgrade with these real vegetable chips. They’re made with a combination of Yukon gold potatoes, sweet potatoes, vegetables with a hint of beet juice, and naturally blue potatoes.

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