Only vegetables will make people love vegetables more. Watch the videos.

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Crazy Delicious Vegetables™

TERRA® chips aren’t just chips. They’re the only chef-made chips created by slicing, seasoning, and crisping already tasty vegetables into an even tastier snack.

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How We Make Vegetables Crazy Delicious

How We Make Vegetables Crazy Delicious

Making vegetables taste this crazy good requires devotion. To start, we hand-select only the best sweet potatoes. Only the most perfect plantains. The parsnips showing the most promise. Then we slice them, ever so thinly, so that every single chip is crisp yet delicate. We add sea salt. Sometimes we add garlic, maybe vinegar, seasonal sage—even the occasional note of sweetness, smokiness or heat. Explore every flavor. You might just meet your new favorite snack.


Watch us spread vegetable love one bag of TERRA® chips at a time.


You love vegetables. Now you can like them too.

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